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Papa Simon and mama Amina are healers, herbalist and spell casters. their use real spiritual powers to fight demons and super villains and have nearly limitless powers to tackle your most pressing problems, be it physical or spiritual. Papa Simon and mama Amina have skills in metaphysical healing, psychic skills and divining and foretelling through ancestors and forefathers. There are skilled divine healers within the traditional and native setting.what papa simon and Mamma Amina can do you for you.see his powerful abilities.


PAPA SIMON’s abilities are based on the fact that he is directly connected to an incarnation of an ancestral spirit or guide. Being a manifestation of an inherited spirit allows him to have a direct line with the universe and open to all channels of communication.

This offers him a limitless stream of information and the ability to tap into the ethereal source and communicate with the deceased, angels, guides and spirits. The spiritual exchange is often directly related to past life experiences, soul connected incidences and psychic



As a healer, PAPA SIMON uses a variety of traditional spiritual herbs and roots, bark, herbs, flowers, and a wide range of land and animal products when making medicine or muti. If the source of the ailment is the primary concern, he will investigate if indeed there is a spiritual/metaphysical reason behind the symptoms. Because he is a divine being that possesses the ancestral keys, he is able to unlock the universal information and share it those that seek answers or require help and assistance.

Whether it is love, protection or money – let papa Simon and mama Amina transform your life today…..

Spiritual Healing restores your sense of well-being by improving emotional-mental and physical conditions wherever you are at any distance from the healer. This healing begins with subtle emotional-mental shifts that include a sense of connection, reassurance and comfort. Your personal concerns become healing priorities. A unique healing experience is created that generates enduring beneficial changes.


Do you have unfinished work?

Are you heartbroken?

Do you have financial problems?

Do you have problems at work?

Have you lost your way in life or do you feel the weight of the world of upon your shoulders?

Are there people intentionally standing in your way?

Do you feel cursed or bewitched?

Do you want success in your life?

Do you feel like evil surrounds you always?

Get pregnant faster, Boost fertility in men, Fertility muthi for women, What can my partner do to help me get pregnant faster

Once the spell is cast, the seeds of reconciliation perfect, the seeds of hope, and relationship intimacy are planted hence the opportunity of a reunification is a direct  key to real love.

Want your lover back? Attract a specific person

Spells to get married. Spells to help a relationship/ stop a divorce. Spells for bad luck and curse removals. Spells to help retrieve a lost lover. Spells to boost your financial status.

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 If you are in love with someone and your lover is stressing u out that you have been lift aside with little or no regard to your feelings and emotional well-being then now is an opportunity to act.  The time is now for you to find your real  happiness back. Remember it starts with you.

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Happy, Fulfilled Clients

What my clients say is extremely important to me. Without their support and satisfaction, I wouldn’t be in business. That’s why I’m so invested in making sure that they’re happy with all of the psychic services I provide. Take a look at what people have said about working with me and get in touch today to make your voice heard as well.


 I would like to thank papa simon for solving my financial, marriage, work , business & family problems that i suffered for 10 years . i had abad financial record , i was blacklisted and struggling to pay for my car and house bond as well as other accounts. putting food on the table was also abig problem.some times when i get my salary it goes so fast and than i sit with nothing. my marriage and business was failing apart. we used to shut at each other over small things. above all my son was on drugs. I was confused. one day my friend told me about the powerful man papa simon.The following week i phoned him for help and advice. He played for me  and he also give me the lucky ring for luck and blessing.u cant believe it the next day i won the jackpot.my life is back on the level now . i used the money to pay off my debts and boosted my business.  business. my life and family life have changed completely.Nathan from upington.

Services I Offer

Experience You Can Trust


Papa Simon is a spells caster & African healer with powerful love spells, money spells, fertility spells, revenge spells, muthi, business spells & protection spells

I can cast an appropriate spell or muthi to fix your problem. I can use my bones for ancestral divination to gain insight into the root causes of your problems 

Contact Papa Simon and mama Amina today for spiritual consultations using spells, muthi & spiritual cleansing rituals

Most of us are unaware that the difficulties in our lives are actually spiritual problems 80% of the time. I will fix the spiritual root causes of your problems. 

Align your life with the ancestral spirits & experience success & prosperity in your life with the help of my love spells, financial spells, traditional & spiritual healing

Healing Spells

 Healing with love spells to fix love & marriage problems. Spiritually resolve problems in your life using healing spells. African healing money spells to fix money & business problems. Appease the ancestral spirits, banish negative energy & spiritually cleanse your life. 

Papa Simon is gifted with the ability to relieve pain & suffering using his African healing spells. Unlock your purpose & discover hidden opportunities in your self.

Spiritual Rituals

Connect with the ancestral spirits with the help of spiritual rituals & spells casting by Papa Simon who will use his divination skills to heal all your problems

Spiritual love rituals to bring your lover. Spiritual money rituals to attract money, wealth & success into your life

Find a good-paying job, win lots of money, heal infertility, banish bad luck, break curses & protect yourself from harm by your enemies using spiritual rituals

Understand the meaning of your dreams, unlock your hidden gifts, get insights into the future & find answers to life's questions with the heal of spiritual divination rituals

Ancestral divination

Ancestral divination to communicate with the ancestral spirits on your behalf to fix problems in your life.Traditional healing to channel energy from the ancestors to help spiritually cleanse your life & help you get spiritual power, riches, love, political power or achieve success in your life with the help of Papa simon.

The spirit is the spiritual centre of life. Remove negative energies from your life using with the help of traditional ancestral divination. Spiritual rituals to strengthen your soul and to clear and open your mind to higher guidance. Holistic healing to channel spiritual energy to fix all your problems

Most of the problems we face in life are manifestations of problems in the spirit as the spirit is the centre of life. Spiritually protect yourself from spiritual attacks, bad luck, curses, hexes & evil forces using spiritual rituals .


Love spells to reverse a breakup & save your relationship. Lost love spells to get your ex lost lover back permanently & bring back lost love.

Heal relationship problems using love spells to increase love between two people. Love spells to banish intimacy & communication problems in your relationship

Love spells to make someone fall in love with you, attract a new lover, stop your partner from cheating on you & love spells to prevent a divorce

Contact Papa Simon now for your spiritual consultations using spells, muthi & spiritual cleansing rituals.

Lost love spells to permanently get your ex-husband back or ex-wife back. Lost love spells to permanently get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back ​

Lost love spells​

Love spells to help you deal with lack of communication, trust issues, jealousy, infidelity, loss of sex drive, growing apart and misunderstandings between two lovers in a relationship or marriage. Love spells that work to make someone care about you & develop feelings for you

Lost love spells to increase love in a relationship by making someone love you & love spells to boost love & heal a relationship on the verge of a breakup. Love spells to help you find love & love spells to decrease the love between two people to cause a breakup or divorce

Succeed in your relationships, banish & cleanse your love life of bad energy using love spells. Decrease or increase the love between two people using love spells. Regain a lovers heart with love spells that will fix broken relationships & marriages reuniting you're with your ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife or ex-girlfriend

Love spells to heal communication problems between lovers in a relationship or who are married. Love spells to fix trust issues & misunderstandings between two lovers. Find a new lover by casting a fall in love voodoo doll love spells on someone you desire to fall in love with you

Voodoo love spells

Lost Love Spells voodoo to restore between ex-lovers & fix relationship & lost love problems with African voodoo, Haitian love spells & voodoo doll love spells

Voodoo love spells to heal a broken relationship, prevent a divorce, stop a lover from cheating, banish love rivals, get your ex back & increase love between two people

African voodoo love spells to protect your relationship & bind your marriage. Voodoo love spells to make him or her to stay faithful.

Voodoo love spells to attract a new lover & make someone fall in love with you. Get your ex back lost love spells to increase commitment between ex-lovers

Marriage love spells

Marriage spells to heal your marriage & fix problems in your marriage. Voodoo marriage spells to save your marriage from divorce by increasing love & intimacy in your marriage

Voodoo marriage spells to make the one you desire to want to marry you. Marriage spells to help a couple fall back in love with each other again. 

Claim back your marriage with marriage spells healing therapy to help you renew your commitment & romance. Get back after a break up using marriage spells

Marriage spells to increase the feelings of closeness & make your marriage stronger. Stop arguing, increase commitment, rekindle love & intimacy using marriage spells

Breakup spells

Break Up Spells to cause or prevent a breakup. Voodoo breakup spells to break up a marriage or relationship. Reverse a breakup or break up a couple using breakup spells. Protect your marriage from a divorce or breakup using binding love spells that will shield your marriage from any negative forces, love rivals or ex lost lovers

Voodoo break up spells work by decreasing or increasing the love & attraction forces between two people who are in a relationship or married. Breakup spells to make help you divorce your partner if you are no longer in love with them for whatever reason. Make someone you no longer want to break up with you

Breakup a marriage & cause a divorce using voodoo spells to break up a marriage in a few days after casting the spells. Get out of an unwanted marriage using break up spells to end a marriage. Get an uncontested divorce using breakup spells. If your partner is abusive - end your relationship using spells to break up a relationship.

Spells to break up a relationship will cause two people to permanently fall out of love with each other. Break up a couple or end a marriage with breakup spells. These break up spells are permanent. Break up a couple or end a marriage with breakup spells. These break up spells are permanent

Stop cheating love spells

Stop or prevent your partner from cheating on you using stop cheating love spells to bind his or her heart, banish love rivals & create a strong bond of love with your lover

Keep your lover faithful using faithfulness love spells for unconditional love, increase loyalty & make your relationship or marriage stronger

Stop your husband or boyfriend from cheating on you using binding lost love spells. Stop your wife or girlfriend from cheating on you using binding lost love spells

Banish a woman or man who wants to steal your lover using stop cheating lost love spells to capture the heart of your lover & make them permanently yours forever

Divorce spells

Save your marriage from divorce & make your relationship stronger using anti-divorce spells to make him or her fall back in love with you

End your marriage if you are no longer in love with your husband or wife. Permanently end your marriage using divorce spells that work fast

Protect your marriage from divorce using love spells to boost commitment, love & bind your hearts together for a stronger marriage that will last

Get your ex-lover who has remarried using divorce spells to break up a couple & make your ex lost lover come back to you permanently

Love spells to make someone fall in love with you

Find a new lover by casting a fall in love voodoo doll love spells on someone you desire to fall in love with you. Fall in love voodoo doll lost love spells to cause an ex lost lover you desire to fall back in love with you permanently. The fall in love spells to bind the heart of two people & creating a strong spiritual connection

Spells to make someone fall in love with you. How to make someone fall in love with you spell. Love Spells to make him fall in love with you & Love Spells to make her fall in love with you. Spells to make your ex-lover fall back in love with you, Voodoo spells to make someone love you, Witchcraft to make someone love you

Spells to make a guy fall in love with you. Spiritual healer Fall in love spells. Spell to make someone love you. Ex-husband fall in love spells, ex-wife fall in love spells, ex-boyfriend fall in love spells, voodoo fall in love spells, anti breakup fall in love spells, anti-divorce fall in love spells & ex-girlfriend fall in love spells.

Bring him back lost lover spells

Bring back your ex boyfriend friend & make them commit to a relationship with you again using bring back lost love spells that will help ex lost lovers forgive each other

Make your ex-husband get back with you using bring back lost love spells to make your ex-husband fall back in love with you & commit to marriage & with you again

Ex-husband fall in love spells, ex-boyfriend fall back in love with you love spells, ex husband commitment love spells, marriage lost love spells & relationship lost love spells

Bring back lost love spells to help ex lover resolve past difference & forgive each other for past mistakes. Capture his heart & make him yours using love spells

Bring her back lost lover spells

Bring back your ex-girlfriend & make them commit to a relationship with you again using bring back lost love spells to make fall back in love with you. 

Make your ex-wife get back with you using bring back lost love spells to make your ex-wife commit to marriage with you again after healing all past heartache

Bring back lost love spells to make her want you back. Cast my powerful love spells to make your ex-lover desire you & think about you all the time

Permanently bring back your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend using bring back lost love spells to attract your ex-lover back into your arms & heal your lost love problems

Love spells that works

Fertility spells to help you conceive a child of your own. Voodoo fertility spells to help you get twins & pregnancy spells to have a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy spells to heal infertility in women & men. Cleanse the womb & sperms using voodoo fertility healing spells to heal infertility 

No matter how long you have been having infertility issues our fertility spells & natural remedies will treat the physical & spiritual root causes of infertility

Fertility spells to treat damage of the fallopian tubes or severe endometriosis & any other medical conditions that affect your fertility negatively. 

Pregnancy spells

Protect your unborn baby from bad spirits & miscarriage using pregnancy protection spells to help you have a healthy pregnancy to term. Help the female reproductive function optimally with pregnancy spells. Heal the male reproductive health system using fertility spells

Increase the number of hormones that cause the eggs to mature in the ovaries with pregnancy spells to increase your chances of having multiple babies that you have always wanted. Heal erectile problems, weak erection & boost sperm health using fertility spells 

Fertility spells for women

Improve egg health with fertility spells that will heal your womb, regulate your menstrual cycle & heal any defects. 

The third phase of a woman's menstrual cycle is called the Luteal Phase and is the time between ovulation and start of a woman as period. It is during this important time that fertilization and implantation occurs.

Fertility spells & fertility spells to treat hormonal imbalances in women & stimulate optimal ovulation in women. Reverse menopause & have the baby you have always wanted to have with fertility spells.

Fertility spells for men

Remove the witchcraft in your life that is causing you not to get your wife to be pregnant with the help of this powerful sangoma healer. 

Traditional healing of your infertility problems caused by bewitchment and evil curses from your enemies contact us for healing 

Increase your testosterone levels, male hormones & the health of your reproductive system with fertility spells and traditional medicine. 

Fix your manhood with fertility herbs and fertility spells for men to heal & treat male infertility. Voodoo fertility healing spells for men

Money Spells

Money spells that will increase your wealth, money spells to help you get more money and money spells to solve all your financial problems

I have access to the supernatural world & can use my divination powers to change your money fortunes and set you to a path of bountifulness and no lack.

Contact Papa Simon for spiritual consultations using spells, muthi & spiritual cleansing rituals

Be financially secure happy and deliciously rich with all the material wealth that money can buy with my money spells.

Powerful wealth spells to gain more money. Let success & prosperity flow into your life using money spells to attract wealth & increase your luck with money

Wealth money spells

Wealth spells to attract money, success & help you become rich. Turn your idea or business into gold using powerful wealth spells Pay all your debts, win the lotto and experience luck when gambling at the casino using wealth spells, lottery money spells, casino spells & business money spells

Spiritual rats for money, short boy spirits for money, magic wallet spells, lottery money spells, business spells & casino winning spells. Powerful money spells to help you get money, get a job, get a loan, increase business and achieve financial success.

Wealth spells will balance your spiritual energy and reconnect you to the ancestral spirits to help you experience unparalleled success & prosperity in your life, business & finances. Wealth spells to banish your debts, help you achieve financial success & banish your business problems 

Debt banishing money spells

Money spells to help you get financial freedom. If you are in debts get powerful debt banishing money spells that will help you clear all your debt by getting you more money

Unlock your money attracting forces & get out of debt in a few weeks. Get the money you need to clear all your debts after using my debt money spells.

My money spells will also cause some of your debts to be cancelled so that you no longer owe, you will also get good debt repayment plans and this is while you are also creating more money in your life than you have ever made.

My debt vanishing money spells will increase your money luck and money making ideas increasing the amount of money coming into your life helping you clear all debts that you have.

Financial freedom money spells

 Money spells to make you rich and achieve financial freedom. Tired of being an employee all your life, achieve financial freedom after using my money spells for financial security and money spells for financial freedom.

Stop living from paycheck to paycheck after using my financial freedom money spells that work fast. If you have no savings, investments but a lot of credit card debt than you definitely need my powerful financial freedom money spells that will turn around your financial situation.

Start earning more money from various money making opportunities after using my powerful money spells, get out of debt in a few days after using my powerful money spells and buy whatever money can buy in cash while having big savings after using my money spells that work fast.

Lottery spells

Lottery gambling spells to win lots of money at the lotto jackpot. Get the lotto winning numbers using lottery winning spells to increase your chances of winning. 

Lottery spells, sports betting spells, horse betting spells, casino money spells, spells to win the lottery jackpot & gambling spells

Contact Papa Simon at 0681666584 for spiritual consultations using spells, muthi & spiritual cleansing rituals

Get large sums of money at the lottery with lottery luck spells. Draw money towards you when gambling at the casino with casino gambling spells 

Bring the odds of winning in your favour with gambling spells for luck & positive energy. Lotto spells to win the lottery by increasing your psychic powers.

Gambling spells

 Increase your luck & money winnings using gambling spells when playing the lottery, at the casino, sports betting, horse betting, bingo, slots, casino table games & any other game of chance. Good luck gamblers, prayer for gambling luck, spells to win at slot machines & good luck gambling chants

Find out how to become lucky when gambling & increase your psychic ability using gambling rituals, money winning spells, slot machine spells, money luck spells, voodoo gambling spells, black magic lotto spells, gambling charms, lottery winning amulets, casino luck spells & good luck spells to win the lottery

Attract luck when gambling using gambling money spells & gamblers lucky charms. I guarantee big money winnings using my horse racing gambling spells & soccer betting spells. Have you wondered why some people constantly beat the odds and win most of the time? It's my gambling winning spells. 

Sports betting spells

Increase your luck, boost your money winnings & guarantee million dollar winnings when sports betting using my powerful gambling spells & voodoo sports betting spells

Soccer sport betting spells, baseball sport betting spells, cricket sport betting spells, rugby sport betting spells, netball sports betting spells & snooker sports betting spells

Have you lost a couple of thousands of sports betting, do you want to predict the scoreline with gambling spell accuracy get my sports betting gambling spell

Get all the money you will ever need in the world from sports betting gambling spells. Horse betting spells, soccer betting spells & football betting spells

Good luck lotto spells

Attract good luck when gambling, increase your chances of winning & enhance your psychic powers when gambling using my good luck lottery winning spells that work

Lottery spells to change your luck at the lottery, lottery luck spells to change your mathematical mindset using numerology to predict accurately the lotto winning numbers

Good luck lotto spells to change your spiritual mindset to make it possible for you to win millions in the lottery. Unlimited winnings using good luck lotto spells 

If you want a gambling spell to neutralise and cancel out any spells and hexes against your gambling success, then get one of my powerful gambling rival gambling spells. 

Lottery money spells

Lotto spells that work to draw money towards you when playing the lottery. Stop losing money and make millions from the lottery with lotto spells that work fast. Choose this lotto money spell to receive a large sum of money at the lottery or make someone else receive a large sum of money at the lottery. 

Win bigger prizes from the lotto with lottery spells that will work in any country. Learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery with lotto spells. This lotto spell advantage is priceless when playing lotto or gambling as the lottery spells that work fast will work to bring luck, positive energy and winnings. 

Lottery spells to change your luck at the lottery, lottery luck spells to change your mathematical mindset using numerology to predict accurately the lotto winning numbers and lotto spells that work to change your spiritual mindset to make it possible for you to win millions in the lottery. 

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Life is a journey and each one of us deserves to enjoy the ride. Yes, there will be highs and lows on this journey but it is how we handle the lows and how we overcome the negatives barriers that define who we are and define our path and destiny. If you use each negative conflict as a tool to grow and learn you will be a very strong and happy person. CALL US TODAY AT (+27)0681666584 OR EMAIL US ON abudaldunga@gmail.com.


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